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Consulting, Engineering and Implementing Customer Projects

hiceGmbH is specialized in consulting and realizing object-oriented technology and database projects.
We provide conceptions and technical expertise in the following fields:

  • Recording and processing of sensor data
  • Monitoring of dementia patients in healthcare facilities
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Consultation records for banks
  • Highly specialised authorisation concepts
  • Portfolio management
  • Office automation
  • Interfacing native Windows programs to .NET and Java
Private banks, insurance companies and industrial suppliers are among our customers.


Interfacing Sensors, Measuring Instruments and PLCs

 hice GmbH develops modular software using C#, C++ and Java interfacing sensors, measuring instruments and SPS-systems using the protocols MODBUS, RS232, RS485 and Ethernet involving Microsoft SQL Server.


Solutions to Integrate Existing Databases

hiceGmbH offers concepts and technical solutions:

  • OO - architecture, ER - diagrams
  • Database migration
  • Query operations and optimising
  • Data exchange formats ( XML)
  • Database interfaces (ODBC, JDBC)
  • Development of programs to edit and eliminate spezific, non-trivial database doubles


Analyse and Validation Tools for Data and Web Warehousing

hice GmbH offers reporting, document management and high-level database applications for the internet and visual tools for combining documents from different sources. Data Warehousing allows information to be easily and efficiently accessed for decision-making activities .These tools help to report the data originating from different kinds of sources. After filtering and analysing the data, documents are presented as PDF, XML, CHM or HTML. With effective searching, indexing and hyperlinks provide a quick way to browse through.  


Our partner for communications, virtualisation und outsourcing: Our solution partner for mobile ERP- and CRM- solutions in the field of the healthcare and social services :  
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